Pets and Collective Housing
For many years in Japan, it has been considered a matter of course that pet ownership is simply out of the question for apartment and condominium dwellers, and a great many buildings still have rules banning pets. More than half of urban dwellers now live in collective housing arrangements, and at the same time the overall understanding of what pets are has changed. In the past two or three years, collective housing developments that allow pets have been increasing in number, and the term "companion animal" has established itself in our vocabulary. Also, in December of 2000, the Animal Protection and Management Law was revised.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that conflict over pets is still all too common. And in a society in which people with diverse tastes and lifestyles all must live together, making it possible for pet ownership to be accepted as a natural part of life will require understanding from all sides, improved observation of the courtesies incumbent upon pet owners, and the establishment of specific rules. Both pet owners and non-pet owners need to form a community in which they can both live comfortably together, and the urgent effort to create the necessary foundation is under way.
Survey on Pets and Collective Housing
Handbooks for living with dog and cat in multi-unit housing: the "Property Management Support Handbook" and "Pet Owner's Handbook"
Booklet:"Living with Dogs and Cats in Multi-Unit Housing"
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