Pets and Collective Housing Booklet:"Living with Dogs and Cats in Multi-Unit Housing"
A large proportion of Japan's urban population lives in collective housing arrangements, and as the understanding of the importance of companion animals in society as a whole increases, a growing number of multi-unit housing are allowing pets. Thus, it is increasingly important for the pet owners to raise their companion animals responsibly and with due consideration of the social rules involved. It is of utmost importance to deepen the understanding among pet owners of those who do not own pets, and that entails proper training in order to create an environment in which everyone can live in harmony in the presence of pets.

The term "companion animal" is the literal expression of the concept of animals as the partners of humans. Living together as companions means deepening one's understanding of that relationship. We have produced this textbook for anyone who is interested in doing so in order to maintain a pet-friendly collective housing environment that is both comfortable for those without pets and enjoyable for pet owners.
Introduction of the Contents
•Pets and Collective Housing
•Life with a Cat
•Life with a Dog
•Rules for Living Together with Pets in Collective Housing
Produced by: the Companion Animal Information and Research Center
Supervised by :the Japanese Society of Humane Care of Animals
*Only available in Japanese