The role that pets play in human society has attracted much attention of late. Previously, pets were thought to be merely something on which people lavished affection. Now, however, they have come to be thought of as companions, or companion animals, that live together with people. In recent years, the emotional ties between people and pets have been extensively researched in countries throughout the world, as a result of which the social, psychological, and biological benefits that companion animals provide to people have been clarified.

At present, in order to further improve the communal life that people share with companion animals, it is necessary to increase our knowledge and understanding of companion animals, which engender warmth and serenity in our lives.
The activities of CAIRC include:
* Educational activities directed towards the responsibility involved in keeping companion animals (dogs, cats).
* Support for research efforts on "the relationship between humans and companion animals, "with development of approaches for research in new areas.
* Supportive efforts towards creating an urban environment conducive to benefiting both humans and companion animals.
* Accumulation of international know-how and knowledge with regard to companion animals and provision of information to the maximum extent possible.
In these and other ways, CAIRC can contribute to creating a society in which people and companion animals can live together more happily.
CAIRC is a nonprofit organization that was founded in Japan in 1997 with the support of Mars Japan Limited. In October 2000, CAIRC became an affiliate member of IAHAIO(International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations).