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  • The copyright of all of the information, including the logo, illustration, and design, on these pages, belongs to Companion Animal Information and Research Center (the "Organization").

  • Regarding contributions made by persons outside of the Organization, although the copyright belongs to them, the editing copyright belongs to the Organization.

  • If you wish to use any information or images on these pages, please contact the Organization in advance and clarify your purposes for such information or images in order to get permission.

  • Even if the Organization grants you permission to use such information or images, please understand that it retains the right to stop your use of such information or images if at any time it judges such use to be inappropriate or unsuitable.
Information from you
    As a policy, the Organization has supported research and promoted enlightenment for the co-habitation of human beings and pets.

    Your impressions and opinions of the Organization will be referred to for promotional purposes, but please understand that it has no responsibility to respond to you.

    Also, those impressions and opinions against ordinance, public order and good custom as well as those which the Organization judges inappropriate will be deleted without the Organization informing you of such action.

    Any idea, proposal or material from the general public, including users, will not be accepted or reflected in the activities of the Organization unless they are specifically requested by the Organization.

    Regardless of the above, if there is any concrete idea, proposal or material submitted from you to the Organization, it will be regarded as the Organization’s asset and its copyright will belong to the Organization.

    The Organization has no responsibility to keep confidential the contents of any submissions, and no matter how it uses or presents such contents, it will own all rights to them, including any rights which may arise in the future.

    By means of such rights, the Organization is not obliged to compensate the persons who offer such submissions when using them for any purpose, without any restrictions.

Handling of Personal information
  • You can read these pages without registration of personal information or certification. However, you are asked to provide personal information, such as your e-mail address, name, and street address, when you want to download some materials to your computer, or when you offer your opinions by e-mail or for our questionnaire. In such cases, the purpose for using the information will be declared, and its use will be strictly limited to within the parameters of the declared purpose.

  • The organization makes appropriate use of your personal information such as e-mail and street addresses in order to process requests for items such as brochures, or to contact you when necessary. In certain cases, information associated with you may also be referenced in the consideration of new services or in the selection of survey subjects.

  • As a rule, our organization does not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties. This rule, however, does not necessarily apply in the following cases:
    1) cases where the information is required according to the law or government ordinance, or when necessary to protect the Organization's rights
    2) cases resulting from the transfer of organizational operations resulting from the takeover of all or part of the organization by a third party, merger with another organization, etc.

  • The organization has established the necessary measures to appropriately manage your personal information while guarding against its divulgence, loss, deletion or improper access. We also exercise appropriate oversight of our staff with respect to the handling of your personal information, and of external organizations to which information handling is outsourced in order to ensure appropriate management of personal information.

  • Based on your personal information, the organization occasionally produces aggregate data sets from which no data regarding individuals can be gleaned. And the aggregate data may be used by the organization without restriction.
Escape clause
  • The Organization accepts no responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused to you by the information contained on these pages. The Organization accepts no responsibility for any loss resulting from this website being out of date or discontinued for any reason.

  • The organization bears no responsibility for the acquisition by a third party of personal information in the following cases:
    1) cases when you reveal personal information to specified companies or other organizations using the features of the CAIRC website, or by other means
    2) cases when the personal information, provided by you to external websites linked from the CAIRC website, is utilized
Linking to the web pages
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