Letter from CAIRC
October 2002 Vol.6 No.3

This service is only available in Japanese.
Time: Nov. 15-16 (Fri.-Sat.), 2002,
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Number to call: 0120-512127(Toll-free)

*Available only during the period noted above

—Sponsored by The Companion Animal Information and Research Center
—Supported by The Conference on Pet Ownership in Collective Housing / The Japan Veterinary Medical Association
CAIRC is holding its second Telephone Hotline on Pets in collective housing. The first such event, held in November of last year, was enormously popular, with 130 calls for information and advice taken from all over the country. The hotline event is back now for a second time due to the positive responses to last yearís hotline from pet owners living in collective housing.

Callers are expected to include pet owners living in collective housing, building management organizations and companies, as well as realtors. Advisors will include veterinary, legal, and building management experts. This year we have established a toll-free telephone number, making it easier than before to participate, so please donít hesitate to call in if you have any problems or questions regarding the keeping of pets in collective housing. And be sure to tell a friend about this yearís free advice hotline.