Letter from CAIRC
December 2002 Vol.6 No.4

Candidates Sought for Sixth Annual CAIRC Scholarship Program
for Research on the Relationship
Between Humans and Companion Animals
CAIRC, which has sponsored the annual Scholarship for Research on the Relationship Between Humans and Companion Animals since 1998, is now accepting applications for the sixth yearly scholarship, which is to be awarded in 2003. In its initial year, the scholarship was awarded to three recipients, and five scholarships were awarded in each of the subsequent years from 1999 through 2002 for a total of 23 scholarships. Potential candidates are requested to apply by fax or e-mail by the deadline on March 31, 2003. The study of relations between humans and animals is a relatively new field of endeavor that is taking hold among veterinary and zoological researchers. There is a clear need for researchers in diverse fields in addition to veterinary and zoological science, such as medicine, education, law, sociology and architecture, to approach the subject. We at CAIRC are working to create a richer social environment through fostering harmonious coexistence between humans and companion animals. In this spirit, we would like to support young and outstanding researchers in this field, and look forward to a diverse range of applications.
Please submit applications to CAIRC by fax at 81-3-5468-5752, or by e-mail at message@cairc.org. Include your contact information with mailing address, affiliation, and that you request the application details and form.
1)A presentation of the research is required in Japanese language after a year study period.
2)Summary of the results from the 1st to 4th CAIRC Scholarship program could be found in home > The Study of Human-Animal Interactions > The CAIRC Scholarship Program