Letter from CAIRC
October 2004 Vol.8 No.3

The 8th CAIRC Scholarship on the Study of Human-Animal Relations

This year, CAIRC continues its promotion of research into the relationships between humans and animals with the 8th CAIRC Scholarship on the Study of Human-Animal Relations. Since it began in 1998, the program has awarded scholarships to between three and five researchers each year. The recipients have made major contributions to the field, and we look forward to still more progress in the future.

As a relatively young field originating through the impetus of work in veterinary science and zoology, the study of human-animal relationships has been attracting increasing attention in recent years. This has led to a marked broadening and diversification of interest, giving rise to demand for research approaches from disciplines such as medicine, education, law, nursing science, psychology and other fields. CAIRC's mission is to help create a society in which humans and animals can coexist comfortably and harmoniously. And as part of that effort, it is our goal to support excellent young researchers who can make a difference by contributing to this field.

The application form is only available in Japanese. Please see the Japanese homepage for details. A presentation of the research in Japanese language to the press in Japan will be required after one-year study period. The scholarship fee does not cover trip to come over to Japan for the presentation.