Letter from CAIRC
May 2005 Vol.9 No.1

Awardees selected for the Eighth CAIRC Scholarship Program
for advancing the study of human-animal relationships!

Awardees selected for the Eighth CAIRC Scholarship Program for advancing the study of human-animal relationships!

The CAIRC Scholarship program for advancing the study of human-animal relationships is now being held for the eighth time, and the following projects have been selected from among 27 applications. The selection committee included Professor Mitsuaki Ohta of Azabu University, Professor Yuji Mori of the University of Tokyo and CAIRC Chairman and Tokyo University Professor Emeritus Yoichi Shoda.

Theme: Mechanism of Social Support in the Relationship between HIV+ Individuals and Their Companion Animals -- a Pilot Study
Yukiko Hagihara, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School Division for Research and Education in Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies

Theme: A Corpus-Based Study on the Formation and the Transfiguration of the Image of Companion Animals in the British and American Cultures
Shin'ichiro Ishikawa, Associate Professor, Kobe University, School of Languages and Communication

"Ms. Hagihara's research field is said to be well suited to animal-assisted therapy, but the difficulty of the approach has resulted in a relative lack of research reports. It's a difficult kind of research to carry out in Japan, and I'm looking forward to the results," said Prof. Ohta.

"Mr. Ishikawa's research is the first approach from the field of Linguistics," said Prof. Mori. "We can look forward to a fresh interpretation of companion animals as a result of this project, which takes advantage of the latest high-level analysis and technology. In this case, the subject of study is British and U.S. data, and we look forward to future studies of data from Japan."

"This year, in addition to familiar fields such as zoology, psychology and pedagogy, many applications were also received from researchers in new fields such as linguistics, economics and architecture," said Dr. Shoda, chairman of the selection committee as well as of CAIRC. "The International Conference on Human-Animal Interactions (a triennial event held by IAHAIO, the International Association for Human-Animal Interaction Organizations) will be held in Tokyo in 2007, the first in Asia. This will be a great opportunity to the further development of this scholarly field in Japan."