Letter from CAIRC
July 2006 Vol.10 No.2

"Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You"
Booklet to help build an enjoyable life for you and your dog
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The non-profit organization CAIRC (Companion Animal Information and Research Center - Chairman: Yoichi Shoda, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Offices: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) conducts various activities to further the development and understanding of the coexistence between people and companion animals, and has now made available free of charge a booklet, "Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You", which helps people live a more enjoyable life with their pet dogs.*

Japan is in the midst of an unprecedented pet boom. The number of dogs and cats being raised as pets has increased every year and in 2005 that number was as high as 25,165,000 (research conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association). In 1998 only 1% of newly built condominiums in the Tokyo Metropolitan area allowed pets, whereas now that number has soared to 64% (research conducted by the Real Estate Economic Institute in 2005). The number of dogs kept indoors has risen to more than 60% as well. Moreover, in the past few years, perception towards pets has changed amongst the Japanese. However, it is still the case in Japan that many people tend to become pet owners impulsively, judging just by the pets' appearances before understanding the characteristics of the pet. In particular, dogs' behavioral patterns are very different depending on the breed, so if one chooses a dog that doesn't match their lifestyle, the pet owner as well as the pet will feel stressful. We would like you to use the booklet, "Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You" in order that you may choose a dog that fits your lifestyle and lead an enjoyable life with your beloved pet.

Gain accurate knowledge in order to live a happy life with your dog
"Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You" is filled with information for the dog owner. From the chapter, "Three points to note before keeping a dog" to "Learning behaviors according to dog breeds" and "Dog breed and lifestyle", the booklet uses easy to understand descriptions and illustrations to outline the various characteristics and differences of each breed of dog. There is even a chart to help the pet owner choose the right dog breed for them according to their lifestyle. The booklet includes lots of information and points of how to care for your dog, including the chapter, "Health care and meals according to dog breeds", which talks about the longevity of dogs and how to care for elderly dogs 7 years and older, as well as problems brought on by daily living habits such as obesity and tooth disease. This is a handbook that is useful not just for the prospective dog owner, but also for those who already own a dog.

*The booklet is free of charge, but there is a shipping charge that will apply.

"Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You"
*Only Available in Japanese
Selecting the Right Dog Breed For You

A5 booklet / 18 pages / full-color

Table of Contents:
Three points to note before keeping a dog
Learning behaviors according to dog breeds
Living environments and dog breeds
Health care and meals according to dog breeds
Dog breed and lifestyle
Select a dog that's right for you
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