The Study of Human-Animal Interactions Benefits We Derive from Companion Animals
Benefits We Derive from Companion Animals
In more than a few cases, companion animals contribute to warmer relationships between humans. More than mere amusing possessions, pets are family members, and a growing acknowledgement of this relationship is the inspiration behind the term "companion animal". A wide range of research has shown that interaction with pets can have major benefits for human health.

To learn more on this subject, we spoke with Dr.Yoshihiro Hayashi, chairman of the Society for the study of Human Animal Relations and a professor in the faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo, as well as Dr.Ian Robinson, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. <>

Further, We present below several of the research reports that have been presented around the world.
Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals
Health Benefits from Companion Animals
Pet owners tend to be resistant to the onset and progress of heart disease
Pets can relieve stress among high blood pressure patients
Caring for pets is effective in keeping the elderly healthy
Pet ownership can facilitate child emotional development and teach empathy