The Study of Human-Animal Interactions
The study of human-animal interactions is a field in which specialists in a diverse range of scientific fields bring insight from their varied perspectives to research on human-animal interaction. This interdisciplinary field of study first emerged in the 1970s. Today, human-animal interaction is conducted from the viewpoint not only of zoology, but also includes a wide and growing range of perspectives — medical, sociological, pedagogical and more. Animal-assisted therapy, for instance, is an important field of psychology shedding light on phenomena related to the healing effect of interaction with animals on patients suffering from stress or mental trauma. Recent research results have shown that caring for pets has helped stabilize the conditions of patients with high blood pressure. These are a few of the products of research in this field, whose role is the object of much anticipation in our modern society in which stress is such a major issue.
The CAIRC Scholarship Program
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Benefits from Companion Animals
Pets and Children