The Study of Human-Animal Interactions CAIRC and the IAHAIO
In October 2000, the Companion Animal Information and Research Center became an affiliate member of the IAHAIO, the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations. The Association was founded in 1990 to gather together national associations and related organizations interested in advancing the understanding and appreciation of the link between animals and humans. Its national members in Japan are the Japanese Animal Hospital Association (JAHA), and the Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations (HARS).

The IAHAIO's main role is to provide a helpful co-ordinating structure between all member countries. As the worldwide interest and support for this young science increases, IAHAIO's role as a communication link is essential to convey latest research findings and encourage further program development. In addition, the Association has established international awards to acknowledge contributions made by individuals or institutions in the study of human-animal interaction.

The science of human-animal interaction studies is attracting increasing attention recently while the social, psychological and physiological benefits of companion animals has gained worldwide recognition. In 1998, the World Health Organization became an IAHAIO sponsor at the Prague conference, and has decided to support the IAHAIO in participating in this year's Rio conference. This clearly indicates a recognition of the positive impact this new field of research can have on human health. We look forward to making even greater contributions to the further development of this field of study, as an affiliate member of IAHAIO.

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