The Study of Human-Animal Interactions Benefits We Derive from Companion Animals Pets can relieve stress among high blood pressure patients
Pets can relieve stress among high blood pressure patients
In December 2001, Professor Karen Allen of the State University of New York presented research findings showing that pet ownership is an effective factor in lowering blood pressure. In this study, Allen divided 48 high blood pressure sufferers into two groups, one of which took high blood pressure medication and also raised pets such as cats and dogs, and another group of those who took medication alone. Blood pressure levels among both groups were then monitored over a six-month period. The results showed that among the group which took medication alone, the average systolic blood pressure was 141 mmHg, while the average diastolic blood pressure was 100 mmHg. Average blood pressure for the group who took medication while also caring for pets, on the other hand, was 131 over 92. Measurement of heart rates also showed a significant difference, with 91 beats per minute for those without pets compared to 81 for pet owners.