The Study of Human-Animal Interactions The CAIRC Scholarship Program
The CAIRC Scholarship Program
Fostering Research into the Study of Human-Companion Animal Relationships through Assistance for Young Researchers
We at the Companion Animal Information and Research Center are working to further the development of the study of human-companion animal relationships, and to deepen understanding of companion animals. As part of that effort, CAIRC instituted a scholarship in fiscal year 1998 to encourage research into the relationships between humans and companion animals.

It was in the 1970s that research into the relationships between humans and companion animals became a recognized field of study. The field has been dominated by research in the zoological and veterinary sciences. But in recent years, it has expanded to involve researchers in a wide range of diverse fields. Recipients of the CAIRC scholarship have included researchers in fields as wide-ranging as sociology, psychology, anthropology and genetics. It is clear that this involvement of researchers in fields so diverse is helping the study of human-companion animal research into a more methodical and rigorous science. And we look forward to the participation of researchers in an ever-expanding range of scientific pursuits.

The List of Recipients of the Scholarships for Research on the Relationship Between Humans and Companion Animals.
*The affiliations and the titles of researchers are as of the time of presentation

The First Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in June1999)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" July 1999

Yoshiko Uchida (assistant professor,Rakuno Gakuen University)
Research theme: "Does AAA/AAT Put Dogs Under Stress? "

Yukiko Arakawa (student, Azabu University)
Research theme: "Research and Study of the Problem Behavior of Dogs in Grooming Parlors"

Masaru Uechi (doctoral student, Tsukuba University Graduate School)
Research theme: "The Relationship of Keeping a Companion Animal to IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) and Blood Pressure for Elderly People Living at Home ? Research Conducted in Satomi Village, Ibaraki Prefecture"

The Second Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2000)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" July 2000

Yuki Koba (doctoral student, Hiroshima University Graduate School)
Research theme: "The Significance and Role of Companion Animals in the Education of Kindergarten Children - Thoughts on the Welfare for Both Humans and Companion Animals"

Masako Tsuzuki (clinical testing technician)
Research theme: "Physiological Research on the Relationship between Handicapped People and Horses during Horseback Riding"

Kotaro Taneichi (doctoral student, Waseda University Graduate School)
Research theme: "A Study of the Stress Relief Effects of Companion Animals"

Noriko Niijima (master's student, the University of Tokyo Graduate School)
Research theme: "What Do People Want from Pets? Why do Dog Owners Resemble their Dogs?A Sociological Inquiry into the Changing Views of Pets in Japan"

The Third Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2001)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" July 2001

Chie Hashizume (doctoral program, Life Sciences Reserch Department, the
University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural Science)

Research theme: "A Study of Behavior-related Canine Genetics in Individual
Guide Dog Candidates"

Yoko Niimi (doctoral student, Gifu University Graduate School)
Research theme: "A Trial of Prediction of Aptitude in Service Dogs - Personality-related Genes Used as Indicators"

Masahiko Motooka (medical department assistant, Gunma University)
Research theme: "The Trial of the Animal Assisted Therapy by the Dog to QOL (Quality of Life) Improvement in the Patient with Chronic Myocardial Infarction "

Takayoshi Yamaguchi (doctoral student, Kyoto University Graduate School)
Research theme: "The Tibetan Outlook on Animals: A Comparison of the Naming for Domestic Dogs and Cattle"

Michiko Saito (doctoral student, Azabu University Graduate School)
Research theme: "Research into the Numerical Ability of Shiba dogs Using Discrimination Learning: Experimental Construction of Operant Conditioning Apparatus"

Ryoko Ueoka (researcher, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo)
Research theme: "A Study of Relational Expansion between Humans and Companion Animals Using Telecommunications Systems"

The Fourth Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2002)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" October 2002

Schu Kawashima (Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,The University of Tokyo)
Research theme: "A Research on Relation Between Japanese People and Japanese Native Horses, Particularly Focus on Those in Ryukyu Islands"

Kazuhiko Nakamura (An Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Neurology, Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine)
Research theme: "Research and Scientific Evaluation of Animal-assisted Therapy Using Dogs for High Functioning Autism"

Mari Hirayama (Graduate School of Law , Kwansei Gakuin University)
Research theme: "The Significance and Results of Prison Pet Programs: Centered on the Activities in Canada"

Fumiko Oda (Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies , Nihon University)
Research theme: "Research into Toilet Training for Household Dogs"

The Fifth Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2003)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" July 2003

Yuko Kubo (doctoral student majoring in the Department of the Developmental Biology and Neurosciences, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University )
Research theme: "Expression of Fur Color Patterns in Cats: Understanding the Formation of Individual Characteristics in Companion Animals"

Nobuko Catherine Okamitsu (M.A, a Doctoral Student at the Department of Anthropology in Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University)
Research theme: "Philosophy of “Life” and “Principles of Coexistence” in South Asia; Toward the Anthropological of Relation between Humans and Creatures"

Toyokazu Kubota (Instructor at Tagata Agricultural High School in Shizuoka Prefecture)
Research theme: "The Development for Sheep-Interacted Child Education"

Mutsuhiro Nakao (M.D., Ph.D., an Assistant Professor, Teikyo University Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Department of Hygiene and Public Health & Division of Psychosomatic Medicine)
Research theme: "The Relaxation Effect of Companion Animals
on the Patient with Psychosomatic Illness"

Hideo Akiyoshi (D.V.M., doctoral student in the Laboratory of Veterinary Surgery, Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University)
Research theme: "In search of the Hidden Abilities of Animals:
A Consideration of the Ability of Dogs to Forecast Earthquakes"

Taeko Sakai (M. Phil., Associate Professor, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences, Japan Women’s University)
Research theme: "Why Does One Dress a Pet in Clothing? Studying the Dog Fashion of the Contemporary Japan from 19th-Century England"

The Sixth Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2004)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" July 2004

Shu-Feng Chang (Doctoral student, Department of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University Graduate School)
Research theme:"Social Support and Mental and Physical Well-Being Provided by Companion Animals"

Takashi Hanakawa (Instructor, Human Brain Research Center, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine)
Research theme:"Neural Correlates of Perception and Affect Underlying Human-Animal Relationships: Research Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

Tohru Taniuchi (Lecturer in the Department of Human Studies, Faculty of Letters, Kanazawa University)
Research theme:"How Learning More About Animals’ Mental Abilities Affects Our View of Animals"

Nobuyo Otani (Researcher, New Institute of Animal Science)
Research theme:"A Neuroscientific Understanding of Dog Training to Develop Better Interactions between Humans and Dogs"

Yuko Tanaka (Instructor of Gerontological Nursing, Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing & Health)
Research theme:"The Effects of Companion Animals that Ease Grief of the Bereaved Elderly"

The Seventh Scholarship Recipients (Research Presented in 2005)
* From "Letter from CAIRC" February 2006

Satoshi Fukano (Manager and instructor, Pony Department, Tokyo Riding Club)
Research theme:"The Influence on Local Communities of Contact with Ponies in Urban Spaces - A Consideration of the Significance and Role of Parks that Feature Ponies -"

Kyoko Suzuki (PhD student, Department of Health Education, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Research theme:"Effects of Companion Animals on Depression or Job Stress among Industrial Workers"

Takuya Yoshida (Masters student, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University)
Research theme:"Development of Measure of Nuisances Caused by Pets and Examination of Difference in Recognition of Nuisances Due to Pet Ownership"

Taro Yoshida (Religious Education Director, St. Margaret's Elementary School)
Research theme: "A Trial of Animal Assisted Education at a School Using a Dog"

The Selection Committee Member
The 1st and 2nd
Mitsuko Masui: professor, Azabu University
Yoshihiro Hayashi: professor, the University of Tokyo
Yoichi Shoda: professor emeritus, the University of Tokyo and president of the Companion Animal Information and Research Center

The 3rd to the 9th
Mitsuaki Ohta: professor, Azabu University
Yuji Mori: professor, the University of Tokyo
Yoichi Shoda: professor emeritus, the University of Tokyo and president of the Companion Animal Information and Research Center

CAIRC Scholarship Special Program

Tomoko Saito (Visiting Researcher, Intelligent Interface Research Group
Intelligent Systems Institute
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Research theme:Relationship between Keeping a Companion Animal and IADL
(Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) of Elderly People Living at Home:
A Longitudinal Study in Satomi Village, Ibaraki Prefecture

Masahiko Motooka (Researcher,School of Veterinary Medicine, Rakuno Gakuen University)
Research theme: “The Health Effects of Pets on the Elderly : a Clinical Physiological Approach“